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In life, scissors never beat guns

by Jack Van Zandt:
Rock, paper, scissors was a game based on the concept that each item had a strength and each was vulnerable to one of the others.
Now a Homeland Security video suggests scissors as defense against guns. Guns win.
Shootings at Sandy Hook, Columbine, Fort Hood, Virginia Tech, and in Arizona are tragic. We hear about this and our emotions run the full gamut as we imagine the pain the involved families are enduring, and the realization that this could have been our family.
We hug our children a little tighter, and linger a little longer when telling them good-night.
We look for ways we can prevent this from “ever happening again.” We think “we must do something.”
The focus becomes guns. Politicians offer more laws. Laws that restrict a responsible law abiding citizen’s ability to defend himself or herself. Laws that would have been ignored by the shooters, who decided they would not worry about laws, just create pain in the community.
In fact, in every mass shooting, every applicable gun law was broken.
No new gun law would have made any of these shooters stop and say, “Gosh, this law really makes sense. I’m hanging up my gun.”
Any rational study of history shows gun control creates more crime, and more death, not less.
This was true in London where a gun ban resulted in skyrocketing crime and murder rates.
It is true in Chicago (where 4,265 have been killed by guns in the last decade, 42 in the last month including a high school girl sitting in a park who had marched in Obama’s inauguration parade) and Washington, D.C.
These cities have some of the toughest gun laws in the country and the highest gun death rates. Many of the guns used were bought from gun dealers, probably using fake identification.
The fact is, criminals get guns and large magazines no matter what, putting law abiding citizens at risk.
Defensive gun actions occur hundreds times a day with the attacker using force first over 80 percent of the time.
In many cases, lives were saved by the presence of guns in the hands of responsible gun owners. Showing force was sufficient 90 percent of the time, meaning no guns were even fired.
In Milwaukee, police recommended residents buy guns to defend themselves while waiting for emergency responders to arrive.
So let’s “do something” that works — enforce existing gun laws and quit making villains out of responsible gun owners and quit restricting their rights.
If “gun free zones” are established, we must protect people in them with specially trained, armed security. This includes schools, libraries, work places, concerts, ball games. This works!
It’s how our politicians, the elite, our courthouse are protected.
Recently, school resource officers in another state stopped a school shooting. Our families must be protected while in defense free zones.
We must examine how we are dealing with the “dangerously mentally ill.”
These shooters appear to have dangerous mental problems. Do HIPPA restrictions need review? What laws need to change here? Let’s find out.
These are things we can “do” that would “make a difference.”
They are far more effective than hiding under a desk or using scissors to challenge a person wielding a gun, or having the government count our bullets, or disarm law abiding citizens in violation of the U.S. Constitution.