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Humbled and Overwhelmed: Pioneers say THANK YOU!

Editor’s Note: This is a letter that was sent to the Herald & Tribune from David Crockett basketball coach John Good.


The send-off that OUR basketball team received on Tuesday, March 15. It was an experience that our players and coaches will never forget. It was simply amazing. We are extremely humbled and overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support.

I am not going to attempt to name names because I will surely leave someone out and I certainly do not want to do that, but I would like to thank David Crockett High School Administration, staff, DCHS ESPN game day crew and students for the support that they have provided throughout OUR journey.

Also, a thank you to Washington County Board of Education, Director of Schools, Town of Jonesborough, Washington County communities, area businesses, OUR parents and individuals that provided support, whether it was financial, food, signs or others means. It was all greatly appreciated by OUR players and staff.

It was great to see a school and community to come together to embrace OUR team so we all could experience and have a piece of this historic journey.

Here are names that I will name because I will be forever indebted to these individuals; they will always have a special place in my life and special place in David Crockett High School history.

#3 Tee Johnson, #5 John Kollie, #10 Will Stevens, #11 Josh Releford, #12 Patrick Good, #14 Darian Delapp, #20 Hunter Adams, #21 Camara Bradley, #22 Peyton Ford, #24 Brendan Coleman, #30 Tyler Estep, #32 Ian Martin, #33 Dustin Day, #44 Brandon Rains, Coach Tony Gordon, Coach Mike Boyd, Coach Corbin Stevens, Coach Darren Higgins, Coach Damon Johnson, Mr. Everything Landon Masters, Former/Current Principals Andy Hare & Peggy Wright, Athletic Director Josh Kite and Head Football Coach Jeremy Bosken.

Thank you for the journey and the bond that we will have forever.


John Good
Boys Basketball Head Coach
David Crockett High School