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Greet each other with a smile this season

Sometimes you hear laughter in strange places.
With the weather being warmer, I have had my car windows open and today I heard a lady laughing out loud just having a really big time at a stop light.
I guess she sensed my looking at her because she smiled at me and said, “Isn’t life good and aren’t we blessed?”
Then the light changed, she waved at me and drove off. I was contemplating her comment probably a little too long because the car behind honked at me to get a move on.
I thought about what she said and I have to agree.
As I drove home, the sun was setting and the mountains were silhouetted with peach colored clouds hovering above.
I thought to myself, “I am free to drive wherever I want in this country. I live in a safe place and have a warm house to go home to.”
We are so very fortunate to live in a free country and we should let more people know that we are thankful. It is, after all, a privilege not an entitlement.
Maybe it would help everyone’s attitude to laugh out loud and let people know we feel blessed.
It might be a positive thing to ride around with our windows down and greet people with a smile. So, as we go into the hustle bustle of the season, let’s remember to greet each other with a smile.