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Evening of unity with BMA

Letter to the Editor

From M.T. Hawley

Last week I read Ed Wolff’s Letter to The Editor.  I was completely confused for it sounded as though Mr. Wolff and I were not in attendance at the same BMA meeting.  After talking with Ed, I was surprised to learn he did not attend the meeting and his letter was based on second-hand information.  It is unfortunate Mr. Wolff was unable to attend the meeting for had he been there perhaps he would have witnessed an evening of unity, not division.

There were two reasons most in the audience were there. The Ernest McKinney family was being recognized with a Proclamation for the outstanding contributions they have made to Jonesborough and Washington County.  Also, we were there to show our support for Adam Dickson to be appointed to the BMA to fill Jerome Fitzgerald’s vacated seat.

Mr. Wolff implies the room was divided by race.  This is not so.  I arrived just as the meeting was starting and was lucky to find a spot on the right side of the room right behind Mrs. McKinney and several other African- Americans.  The room was packed and one just sat where they could squeeze in.

If anything, had Mr. Wolff been at the meeting I think he would have seen a room filled with friends and concerned citizens.  Friends and citizens, African- Americans, and European-Americans (Mr. Wolff’s term), joining in unity to support and honor friends.