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Early voting now underway

Early voting is now underway in Washington County. There are three early voting locations: the Washington County Election Office at the courthouse in downtown Jonesborough, the Downtown Centre in Johnson City and the Gray Commons/Johnson City Fire Hall in Gray.
Early voting will continue through Saturday, July 31. On Monday through Friday, voting locations will be open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. On Saturdays, voting will take place from 9 a.m. until noon.
Five county officials are unopposed in the County General Election being held Aug. 5. They are County-Mayor Elect Dan Eldridge, County-Clerk Elect Kathy Storey, Sheriff Ed Graybeal, Circuit Court Clerk Karen Guinn, and Register of Deeds Ginger B. Jilton.
Incumbent Trustee Jack D. Daniel is opposed by Pamela Fitzgerald.
Running for an unexpired term as Assessor of Property are Scott Buckingham and Del Carroll.
Jeff Kelly, 1st Judicial District Public Defender, and Sharon M. Green, Juvenile Judge of Johnson City, are unopposed for their offices.
A number of candidates are seeking positions on the Washington County Commission. Listed by Commission District the candidates are labeled “Ind.” for Independent or “R” for Republican.
In the 1st District five candidates seek three positions: Greg Matherly (Ind.), Lee Sowers (Ind.), Doyle Cloyd (Ind.), Paul F. Woodby (Ind.) and Peter Speropulos (R).
The 2nd District has six candidates for three positions: Sam H. Humphreys (Ind.), Donald Gomer Feathers (Ind.), Joe D. Sheffield (Ind.), C. B. Kinch (Ind.), Pat Collins (R) and George E. “Skip” Oldham III (R).
In the 3rd District eight candidates seek three positions: Franklin Bolus (Ind.), N. M. “Bill” Bays, Jr. (Ind.), Robert L. Barnett (Ind.), Sam Phillips (Ind.), Mark C. Hicks, Jr. (Ind.), Mitch Meredith (Ind.), Ted Ganger (R), and Alpha G. Bridger (R ).
In the 4th District eight candidates seek three positions: Stephen L. Meroney (Ind.), Wendell Messimer (Ind.), Joe Corso (Ind.), Sid Campbell (Ind.), Lee Chase (Ind.), Phillip McPeak (Ind.), John F. Hunter II (Ind.), and David Tomita (R).
Five candidates seek three positions in the 5th District: Richard Matherly (Ind.), Jerry Lee Malone (Ind.), Ken Lyon (Ind.), Bill Biles (Ind.), and Ethan Flynn (R).
The 6th District features seven candidates for three spots: Mark Ferguson (Ind.), Bryan B. Martin (Ind.), Kyle Shell (Ind.), Gerald Sparks (Ind.), Adam Grant Dickson (Ind.), Ted Lynch (Ind.), and William J. Grandy III (R ).
The 7th District has six individuals for three positions: Darrell Fitzgerald (Ind.), Richard Shadden (Ind.), Janice Sanders White (Ind.), Roger D. Nave (R), Gary Baines (R), and Mark Larkey (R).
Two candidates seek two positions in the 8th District: Ben W. Bowman (Ind.) and Evert A. Jarrett (Ind.). However, a write-in candidate, Eddie Haren, is seeking to be eligible to run. A court decision will be required to determine if votes for Haren can be counted despite the fact he missed a filing deadline. The Election Administrator has acknowledged she provided Haren with the wrong date.
In the 9th District, four candidates are seeking two available positions: Danny Edens (Ind.), David Shanks (Ind.), Ron Stout (Ind.) and Pat Wolfe (R).
In contests for the Washington County School Board, six candidates are seeking one of three available positions in the 1st District. They are Keith Ervin, Hontas Bailey, Jerry Berry, Chad Williams, Jack Leonard, Jr. and Dallas Hardin.
In the 3rd District, Bill Brinkley II, Andrea Hooper, Craig Cloyd, Clarence Mabe, and David Hammond are the five candidates seeking one of three available positions.
Rusty Crowe is unopposed in the Republican Primary for the Tennessee State Senate from Washington and Carter counties as is Thomas Ken Owens in the Democrat Primary for the position. The two will oppose each other in the State General Election in November.
Kevin Thomas Flanary and Dale Ford are both running in the Tennessee House of Representatives Republican Primary in the 6th District. There is no Democrat candidate.
Matthew Hill is unopposed in the race for the Republican Primary in the 7th District while Todd Mrozek is unopposed in the Democrat Primary. The two will face each other in November along with Independent candidate Jesse Overbey.
Kelly Wolfe is unopposed as the Republican State Executive Committeeman while Thomas Jessee is unopposed as the Democrat State Executive Committeeman. Sara Sellers is unopposed as the Republican State Executive Committeewoman and Pamela Harris is unopposed as the Democrat State Executive Committeewoman.
In the Republican Primary, Bill Haslam, Joe Kirkpatrick, Basil Marceaux, Sr., Ron Ramsey and Zach Wamp are seeking the office of Governor of the State of Tennessee. Mike McWherter is the sole candidate in the Democrat Primary for the position.
Both Democrat and Republican Primaries for the federal office of United States House of Representatives, 1st Congressional District are on the August ballot. David Phillip Roe is opposed by Mahmood (Michael) Sabri in the Republican race while Michael Edward Clark is the sole candidate in the Democrat Primary.