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Contraceptive facts keep getting lost in the rhetoric

If you say something loud enough, long enough, with enough passion, it becomes the truth.  
Hats off to the Supreme Court for its Hobby Lobby decision. At risk was our religious freedom guaranteed by the Constitution. 
So why a 5-4 decision? It should have been unanimous!
While Hobby Lobby provided health care for their employees for decades, and while its policies provided for contraception, Hobby Lobby would not provide abortion-causing drugs through its plans.  
The government, laser focused on creating a new common orthodoxy where abortion is the norm by force of law, challenged Hobby Lobby, leveling $400 million in fines for noncompliance.  
(Remember, America was founded by people escaping religious orthodoxy forced on them by government. Arriving in the new world, they created  a Constitution in which Article I of the Bill of Rights guaranteed exercise of religious freedom.) 
Prior to Obamacare, private insurance companies could craft plans that met the needs, beliefs, requirements, and orthodoxy of its customers and it would affect nobody else.  
A top-down, government-controlled system, however, requires a one-size-fits-all approach and a common orthodoxy in order to be “fair” and fit bureaucratic templates.   
When Hobby Lobby stood up, the government used its force, and lawyers, to take Hobby Lobby down, even though they were providing 16 different options for contraception.
When the bill was being forced through Congress, President Obama used his pen to sign an Executive Order that “ensured” abortions wouldn’t be part of the health care legislation.  This provided political cover for politicians who passed the bill, which became Obamacare.  
Loopholes designed into the law were filled by bureaucrats with policies that would never pass legislative muster. To the “preventive care” loophole was added the requirement for every plan to have abortion drug coverage.  
In making its decision, the court considered in part President Obama’s Executive Order, the Religious Freedom Restoration Act signed by Bill Clinton (and approved by 90 percent of congress), and the First Amendment.   
Even before the decision was read, abortion advocates and demonstrators (many of whom were unable to answer basic questions) all had the same talking points ready to go.
“Hobby Lobby and right wing extremists/Republicans are at war with women because they are against contraception,” followed by rhetoric comparing this to slavery, Jim Crow, apartheid, gender bigotry, etc. 
Contraception, by definition, is the “prevention” of conception or impregnation. Abortion, by definition, the “termination” of pregnancy that has resulted from conception.  
Now we see the media, demonstrators, and politicians are using a revisionist definition of the term “contraception” (which now includes “abortion”), to create an issue of “a war on women by the Republicans” because right-wing extremists and Republicans want to take away “contraception.”
Untrue, but repeated loud and long enough, this will be considered the de-facto “truth.”   
Meanwhile, the real truth remains: faith-based businesses like Hobby Lobby are still “allowed to” include contraception (per current dictionary definition) in their health plans, and exclude abortion coverage. 
This is consistent with President Obama’s Executive Orders and law signed by President Clinton.   
Most important, our First Amendment religious freedom is still protected — for now.