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Biting the financial bullet — for safety’s sake

While considering an outdoor graduation at Daniel Boone High School, Director of Schools Ron Dykes requested an inspection of DBHS’ stadium seating.
The results of that inspection revealed the upper two sections of the bleachers are unusable, due to structural instability.
That means this August, when football season starts at Boone, more than 15 percent or about 250-300 fans will be looking for some other place to sit or most possibly, stand.
Director of Schools Ron Dykes is asking the Washington County Commission for capital funds with which to repair the bleachers.
Repair of the two sections carries an estimated price tag of $35,000. But the aging 40-year-old seating will no doubt need a complete overhaul in the very near future.
The two sections are the tip of the iceberg and even though repairing them might extend the life of the too-small stadium seating, it is just a matter of time before other sections become unsafe.
Ironically, the sluggish economy might be just what the doctor ordered for this project. Surely, if the commission decides to provide capital funding through an inter-government loan for the complete replacement of the stadium’s seating, there should be opportunities to do so at a bargain.
Dykes has estimated the entire project would cost $150,000. If a patch job is the chosen course of action, then the $35,000 would seem to be spent for naught.
For safety’s sake and in the interest of looking to the future growth of DBHS, commissioners should consider biting the financial bullet to replace the stadium seating.