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A message from the mayor — Jonesborough: ‘We have so much of which to be proud’

Jonesborough Mayor Chuck Vest

I’ve been honored to be the Mayor of Jonesborough this past year and it’s a blessing to write this letter to you during the Herald & Tribune’s 150th year anniversary and its 2019 Progress Edition. I’m looking forward to leading our town forward as we complete important projects and begin planning new endeavors that continue to build on our town’s progress. I’ll share those plans later in this letter.

We have an independent, diverse-thinking board consisting of Vice Mayor Adam Dickson and Aldermen Terry Countermine, Virginia Causey and Stephen Callahan. They all bring valuable insight, ideas and love of our own town during our board discussions. Our board and town staff promise to spend wisely, protect our future by remembering our history and enhance our quality of life.

First, our town has many successes I wish to mention. We are certainly proud that our town had an outstanding audit with zero negative findings this past year! Our board is appreciative for the leadership Abbey Miller, Bob Browning, Craig Ford and town staff used to achieve this excellence.

I was excited to sign contracts recently with contractors to begin work on the historic Jackson Theatre. A theater that will accentuate the business of our town’s retailers and wonderful restaurants while improving our quality of life. Today our Jonesborough Repertory Theatre and Wetlands Water Park are profitable and the addition of the Jackson Theatre should only grow profits for our town. These profits allow our town government to keep our taxes and fees low while growing a town that thrives into the future.

A few more successes are that we continue to replace old water lines and meters, and soon will occupy a new maintenance facility that will serve our town for the next 30 years.

Our greatest success is the people of our town that volunteer their time, energy and expertise on committees, in performances, at our parks, mentor our youth and as helpers or leaders during events. We have so much of which to be proud but we the people are Jonesborough. 

As your mayor my vision going forward is for our town to continue strengthening its financial balance sheet while investing attention to outdated facilities and enhancing our town’s special quality of life. We can do that with wise spending while exploring ways to increase our revenue growth throughout our city limits

We also should realize we’ve saved tens of thousands of dollars by changing the way our IT systems are managed in the future. I hope to gain the board’s support in reviving a treasure we have at Persimmon Ridge Park. This park was born when former mayor Jimmy Neil Smith had the foresight to begin Jonesborough’s rebirth by monetizing our historic past and storytelling. I am so thankful for that vision because many towns our size died or became stagnant.

At Persimmon Ridge Park, we can perfect the hiking trails, better promote the addition of Frisbee golf, add new features that promote health and fitness, improve the safety of playing surfaces used by our youth and rebuild structures that don’t rise to the excellence we expect in Jonesborough.

We’ve known for years our youth needed better facilities for soccer and I’m hopeful we can make this a reality in the coming years. This can be accomplished economically in addition to adding features of a pet park. The lives of our youth and our own can be much too sedentary so making our parks attractive to all will benefit our community for years to come. 

Our board invites you to come attend our town meetings the second Monday of every month. 

Good things continue in Jonesborough.

Mayor Chuck Vest