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You say tomato, I say…rubber ducky?

Life these days at the home of Orlis and Elizabeth Francis is just “ducky.”
At least that would be a good way to describe the couple’s recent experience with their backyard garden at their home on Potter Road.
The Francises have had a small garden for as long as they can remember and despite having to fight a variety of pests that threaten the plants, they say they enjoy growing their own vegetables.
“When the tulips go away, then it’s time to plant cucumbers, zucchini, squash, peppers and tomatoes,” Elizabeth said.
Last week, one of those tomato plants offered up quite a surprise.
When Orlis went out to the garden to pick the ripe vegetables – something he does every morning – he came back into the kitchen with more than just a run-of the-mill tomato.
“When he brought this one tomato in,” Elizabeth said, “I looked at it and said, ‘That’s a duck!’”
Sure enough, there it was – a tomato complete with a head, body and beak – the spitting image of one of those rubber ducks kids play with in the bathtub.
“I just couldn’t imagine it,” Elizabeth said. “It is so unusual. Only God could do something like that.”
In addition to growing such an unusual tomato, the couple has one other recent claim to fame when it comes to their love of gardening.
They recently were featured in a television commercial for the locally-owned fast-food restaurant Pal’s Sudden Service.
“We’re the couple standing there watching the guy mow down our flower bed,” Elizabeth said with a chuckle.