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Wolfe to represent town on JCPB

Jonesborough Mayor Kelly Wolfe will serve as the town’s representative on the Johnson City Power Board’s board of directors.
Wolfe requested he be appointed the position after Alderman Homer G’Fellers, former JCPB CEO, resigned at the Sept. 10 meeting of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen.
G’Fellers stepped down from the role without ever having attended one of the JCPB meetings as the town’s representative.
Wolfe appointed G’Fellers to the spot in August to replace Tobie Bledsoe, who resigned Aug. 1 after holding the seat for years. JCPB leaders, however, took issue with the appointment, saying his presence on the board of directors would make the search for a new CEO more difficult.
After talking with JCPB Board Chair Jenny Brock, G’Fellers said he wanted to instead serve as an advisor to the new CEO once the position is filled.
His resignation left the town in need of a new representative, a role Wolfe quickly nominated himself to take on.
“I would humbly ask that I be the replacement for Homer G’Fellers,” Wolfe said after the resignation was accepted by the BMA. “In lieu of events that have transpired and our desire to seek a middle ground with the Johnson City Power Board, I would humbly submit my name.”
Wolfe said he would serve two years of the appointment, traditionally a four-year term, in order to “satisfy (the JCPB’s) concerns.”
At that point, it is possible G’Fellers will step in to serve as the town representative.