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Wolfe looking to continue serving as commissioner

Ninth District Commissioner Pat Wolfe has announced plans to seek reelection and continue service on the Washington County Commission.
Wolfe has spent over 44 years in the banking industry, specializing in farm loans and serving the financial needs of rural Washington County.
Wolfe said he knows the people of his district well and has been a leader in promoting their interests while on the commission.
He was a leader in the effort that brought two new Japanese plants and Bushhog to the Washington County Industrial Park.
Wolfe is also a charter member of the County Water Task Force, a group that meets regularly to promote the advancement of utility water service in rural parts of the county.
By coordinating these efforts with state and local officials, Wolfe has helped the Task Force bring potable water to places like the Bulldog Miller area and has been able to get plans finalized for the Taylor Bridge Road area improvements.
Wolfe’s service in the community also includes his work with the Embreeville Volunteer Fire Department and as a board member of the Nolichuckey Volunteer Fire Department in South Central.  
Wolfe also serves as Chairman of the Economic Development Board and has served as chairman of the hospital board.  
He sees his job as commissioner as a way to give something back to the community, not as a way to promote some personal interest or agenda, he said.