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Walking tour adds new brochure to collection

Jonesborough visitors who enjoy a stroll through Tennessee’s oldest town now have a new map to guide their way.
Titled Jonesborough’s “Official Walking Tour,” the town’s latest brochure features everything from timelines and historic images to stories and photo opportunities.
And while it is not intended to replace the town’s previous walking brochure, according to Alicia Phelps, Jonesborough’s director of tourism and marketing, it certainly puts a more 21st-century spin on a walking brochure.
“The brochure that we have had was put together in the 1980s, we think,” Phelps said. “It’s definitely served its purpose. It’s timeless and is still available for $1.”
But for a more time-challenged generation, the official walking tour may be the way to go.
First, Phelps said, the new walking tour is a bit more streamlined.
“The old brochure had about 40 stops on it,” she said. “The new one has about half that.”
The new brochure is also more interactive and story based.
From hashtags and social media opportunities to “Did You Know Stories” and photo op urgings, vistiors are encouraged to not only enjoy Jonesborough’s stories, but play a part in them as well.
“It goes to the fact that we are the Storytelling Capital of the World,” Phelps said. For example, little known tales of two early telephone operators named Minnie; fine fashion shows on a early 20th-century Main Street; and one early church’s solution to ridding the air of “evil angels” can be found in the new brochure.
The brochure was made possible by a grant from the Tennessee Department of Tourist Development, Phelps said, and took months to complete. A total of 28,500 were printed. “We had a group of us working together for about a year putting this thing together,” Phelps said.
Their goal, she added, was to increase foot traffic downtown, while spotlighting Jonesborough’s architecture and storytelling magic.
The new walking brochure, which is available for free at the Historic Jonesborough Visitors Center and the International Storytelling Center downtown, will join the earlier version in telling downtown’s story.