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Truck crashes into Food City

Damage was done to the right side of the store.


Staff Writer

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A truck driven by an elderly Jonesborough resident crashed through the storefront of the Jonesborough Food City last Wednesday afternoon.

There were no injuries in the June 20 crash and it was determined that the incident was accidental. Jack S. Moore, 201 W. Main St.,  was the driver of truck.

“According to his statement, he put the truck in reverse and had his foot on the brake,” Jonesborough Police Major Jamie Aistrop said, “and his foot slipped off and he mashed the accelerator, causing him to accelerate out of control.

“It was completely accidental and he wasn’t charged with anything. Nobody was transported (to the hospital) or anything so thankfully, nobody was hurt. Food City has their repairs underway.”

The damage to the grocer was on the right side of the store and included the women’s restroom, which was unoccupied at the time.  The crash report from the Jonesborough Police Department indicated property damage was over $400 but a Food City spokesperson could not be reached.

The truck came to rest partially inside the store but was able to be driven away.