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Traffic light likely solution at North Cherokee intersection

Jonesborough Mayor Kelly Wolfe and Town Administrator Bob Browning attended the May 3 meeting of the County-Owned Property Committee to discuss the latest plan to address traffic problems at the intersection of North Cherokee Street and Highway 11E.
“After a cost analysis was done, it was hard to argue with the cost (difference) between a light and an access road,” Wolfe said.
The new plan proposes installing a traffic light and extending the short turn lanes on both sides of Highway 11E that result in traffic stacking for cars turning onto North Cherokee Street.
In addition, the medians will be narrowed to offset the cars turning left, which Browning said should double the number of cars the space currently allows.
Wolfe compared the proposed plan to similar work the town completed recently on Headtown Road.
“We will have to submit plans to the state, but we wanted to get the approval of this committee to avoid making changes later,” he said.
Browning said the town will close the median in front of the Justice Center’s main entrance and extend the turn lanes along 11E, at a cost of approximately $30,000.
Washington County will be responsible for the warrant study, and the signal design and installation, which could exceed $100,000.
According to Browning, installation of an underground cable to connect the new signal with the one on Second Avenue will be necessary to synchronize the lights and provide efficient traffic flow.
A schematic plan and warrant study must be submitted to the Tennessee Department of Transportation to justify the need for a signal at that location.
Commissioner Doyle Cloyd made a motion to recommend the project to the county’s Budget Committee with a $100,000 budget. The motion passed unanimously.