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Traffic cameras to blink yellow starting June 1

Starting June 1, the Town of Jonesborough will change three of its four lighted intersections to a flash pattern from midnight to 6 a.m. daily.
Instead of operating as normal traffic lights, the lights will blink yellow for those traveling on East Jackson Boulevard and blink red for those coming from the intersecting roads.
After completing traffic studies at the intersections of Forrest Drive and East Jackson Boulevard; the Lowe’s intersection; and the Headtown Road and East Jackson Boulevard intersection, it was determined the majority of vehicles traveling in the area during those hours are doing so on East Jackson Boulevard.
The intersection of East Jackson Boulevard and Boones Creek Road will remain in operation as a normal traffic light.
Photo enforcement will still be in effect at the intersections where traffic cameras are located. The red light enforcement will be disabled during the six-hour timeframe, but the cameras will still be enforcing the speed limit, which is 45 miles per hour on East Jackson Boulevard.