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Town wins TMLs award for planning, development

Town Administrator Bob Browning and Kelly Wolfe, the former Jonesborough Mayor, accepts the TML award.



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The Town of Jonesborough was honored for its community planning and development last week, and former mayor Kelly Wolfe was on hand to accept the award.

“If you’ll look at the title of the award, it deals explicitly with planning,” Wolfe said, after accepting the award in Knoxville. “And to me, that means not only a strategy for implementing the different programs we have tried to execute, but the vision itself for the longtime health of our town.”

The award was presented by the Tennessee Municipal League in recognition of Jonesborough’s recent accomplishments including its involvement of the preservation of the International Storytelling Center, the purchase and renovation of the former Booker T. Washington School into the McKinney Center, and the current redevelopment efforts of the Jackson Theatre.

According to current Mayor Chuck Vest, these and other such accomplishments point to the ongoing  pursuit of a healthy and thriving Jonesborough.

“I think its obvious to us here in Jonesborough that our town took, years ago, a forward leaning direction. I think we have improved ourselves financially and in our infrastructure.

“And there is not doubt it’s going to continue.  If you’re not forward thinking and your improving as a town, you can dry up and die.”

The Municipal League seemed to have little fear that Jonesborough was in any danger of drying up.

In addition to the ISC, the McKinney Center and the Jackson Theatre they praised Jonesborough’s downtown revitalization,  its new senior center, the Boone Street Market and Chuckey Depot.