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Town water system receives high marks from TDEC

Like a student scoring high on a test, the Town of Jonesborough’s Water Department was praised recently for earning a high grade from the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation.
TDEC’s Division of Water Resources conducted a sanitary survey of the town’s water system from July 29 through Aug. 2.
The results of those tests were discussed during the Sept. 9 meeting of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen.
“TDEC gave the town a 99 percent for the water system,” Jonesborough Mayor Kelly Wolfe announced. “That is no small feat. It’s not something that happens easily.”
The 99, out of 100 possible points, places the department among the state’s “approved” water systems.
The sole point deducted from the water system came as a result of a failure to perform a Contaminant Sourse Inventory as required. Such an inventory must be submitted and approved annually by TDEC. The last update submitted was in 2012.
Town Administrator Bob Browning has said TDEC’s water system survey is a “real indication of how you are doing.”
“That is about more than just the treatment of the water. That’s on the distribution side, too,” Browning said during an interview in July related to the release of the annual Water Quality Report.
The biannual test was last conducted in 2011, at which time the department scored a 99 out of 100 for the first time in town history. This year’s results make the second time in a row for the high mark.
The Town of Jonesborough’s water system serves more than 10,100 connections and approximately 24,300 individuals.