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Town to borrow $400,000 to pave streets

The Jonesborough Board of Mayor and Aldermen passed a budget on final reading last week that includes a $400,000 capital outlay note for paving town streets.
“About four years ago, we paved 23 percent of our streets at one time,” Mayor Kelly Wolfe said.
While that much paving won’t happen this time around because of the increased price of asphalt, Wolfe said it is important to take advantage of current low interest rates to get some more town roads paved.
“Nobody wants to see a bunch of potholes unfixed around town,” he said.
Last month, BMA members approved a list of 20 streets needing to be paved. The total estimated cost to have all of them paved is estimated to be $580,000.
By borrowing $400,000, town leaders believe they can get the majority of the streets paved. Town Operations Manager Craig Ford and Director of Streets Wally Sparks will determine which roads from the list will be paved through the capital outlay note.
It is all but certain the list of streets to be paved will include Sunset Drive, a relatively short street located just behind Walgreens at the corner of Boones Creek Road and Highway 11E. Town leaders made an agreement with a resident of the street to repave the road once the Walgreens was finished being constructed. However, they have yet to hold up their end of the bargain.
At last month’s meeting, BMA members agreed Sunset Drive should be put at the top of the priority list for paving.
The $400,000 loan will be paid off over the next four years through the General Fund budget at an interest rate just above 2 percent, according to town leaders.