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Town looking to pave way for smoother travel

Leaders are considering paving more than 12 million square feet ­— or 220-plus football fields — worth of town roadways beginning this year.
The Jonesborough Board of Mayor and Aldermen approved a list of 20 roads within town limits that are considered the most in need of paving.
“This is the list that has been identified, politics free,” Mayor Kelly Wolfe said at the May 13 meeting. “It’s based on need, age, all of these things.”
BMA members approved the list of 19 roads presented to them at the meeting and added Sunset Drive to the list. The road is located behind Walgreens.
“We made a promise to a gentleman that we would look at that road and repave it once Walgreens was done (being built). We have yet to do that,” Wolfe said in suggesting it be placed at the top of the priority list. “It’s not a long street and it’s not wide, but it is full of holes.”
Town Operations Manager Craig Ford and Director of Streets Wally Sparks will now take the list and determine the order in which the roads need to be paved.
Washington County will do the paving for the town at an estimated cost of $580,000 for all 20 roads.
“We may not be able to do all this at one time,” Wolfe pointed out. “We may have to prioritize based on our financials.”
The town is currently proposing the work be done over the next three years. Based on cost estimates for each road, leaders will determine what the town can afford to pave each year.
In 2009, the town used a capital outlay note to complete $400,000 worth of street paving. An estimated 21 percent of town roads were paved at that time.