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Town hoping to improve water loss problems by replacing old meters

The Town of Jonesborough is in the process of replacing 2,500 old water meters in hopes of accounting for some of the town’s unaccounted for water loss.
“When meters get to be older, and some of ours are 40 years old, they don’t do as well reading,” said Kelly Wolfe, Jonesborough mayor. “That adds to our water loss.”
In fact, an analysis by Johnson Controls reportedly indicates the town is losing at least 8 percent of its revenue through old meters.
At its November meeting, the Jonesborough Board of Mayor and Aldermen authorized a five-year capital outlay note of $272,000 to fund the project.
Town leaders plan to start replacing meters as soon as possible.
The project also includes water line improvements in the Bowmantown Road, Stockyard Road and Smith Lane areas to help reduce water loss and improve water quality.