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Town hires trio of companies for lawn mowing services this season

The Town of Jonesborough hopes to spend significantly less this year to have the lawns mowed at its facilities.
Members of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen, at their March 11 meeting, approved the bids for mowing services at a variety of locations, including town parks and cemeteries as well as facilities such as the McKinney Center and Senior Center.
The town will use the services of three lawn care companies — Poor Boy’s Lawn Care, Snaps Lawncare and Osborne Landscaping — to complete the work. The cost per mowing totals approximately $2,300.
At the suggestion of Mayor Kelly Wolfe, officials removed the Post Office and Town Hall properties from the list of areas needing mowing by the companies. He recommended, instead, continuing with the mode of operation used last year with town firefighters doing the work.
“They do a fine job,” Wolfe said. “And I know they enjoy the exercise.”
The town also opted against working with one of the low bidders, Guardian Lawn and Landscapes, citing bad service from the company last year.
Parks and Recreation Director Rachel Conger said last year she had to fire the group, operating then under the name Long’s Lawncare, prior to the end of the mowing season because of the “poor work they did,” reportedly at the Jonesborough Cemetery.
Compared to last mowing season, the services will cost $3,000 less per mowing cycle and include more areas being mowed.
“It’s great to see the 2013 bid come back less than the 2012 bid,” said Alderman Chuck Vest prior to making a motion to approve the lawn care plan with Wolfe’s recommended change included. Alderman Adam Dickson seconded the motion, which unanimously passed.