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Town hires new water treatment plant director


H&T Correspondent

At the final meeting of the year on Monday night, the Board of Mayor and Aldermen approved the hiring of Mark Brumback as Jonesborough’s new water treatment plant director.

Brumback has 35 years of experience in water treatment. For the last five years, he has worked at Watauga River Regional Water Authority in Elizabethton as the chief water plant operator/superintendent.

Before the vote, Jonesborough Mayor Kelly Wolfe stressed how fortunate the town is to have such an outstanding candidate for the position.

“I think he’ll do a great job,” Wolfe said. “He has worked in different types of plants in different states. He has a very, very wide range of experience.”

Brumback was recruited to his position with Watauga River Regional Water Authority from Florida, where he had spent many years working in the water treatment field.

“He is a sharp, sharp guy,” Wolfe said.

Wolfe said he believes Brumback and as the new water treatment plant director, will help staff members to grow in their positions. 

“He is committed to getting an education for young water operators … and wants them all to grow in their jobs,” Wolfe said.

He also lauded Brumback’s attitude as a problem-solver. “He hasn’t met problems, he’s only found opportunities,” Wolfe said. “This guy is all about fixing things and being creative … in the solution.”  Brumback has his Grade 4 Water Treatment Plant Operators Certification, and he comes to Jonesborough with excellent references, he added.