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Town employee charged with theft

A town employee has been fired and charged with theft after allegedly stealing gasoline on repeated occasions from his employer.
Tommy Allan Norton, 42, 244 Boring Chapel Road, Gray, had been a member of the Town of Jonesborough’s fleet maintenance personnel for more than five years prior to his being fired late last month.
According to Town Operations Manager Craig Ford, a recent police investigation revealed Norton had stolen gasoline from the town’s fuel pumps on more than 50 different occasions between January 2012 and his termination on Oct. 25.
During that time, Norton allegedly stole 143 gallons of gasoline, a total value of approximately $800.
Police discovered the recurring fuel thefts while investigating another crime at the town garage.
Four power saws were stolen from vehicles at the facility on North Lincoln Avenue sometime between 6 p.m. on Oct. 23 and 7 a.m. on Oct. 24.
“In the process of investigating that, we started looking into our gate code, or punch system,” Ford explained. “There were some things that popped up that didn’t look right.”
While looking at who had accessed the facility by use of an employee code, police discovered that a former employee’s code had been being used at the gas pumps located inside the garage property.
Further investigation revealed the times the code had been used at the pumps coincided with times Norton’s own employee code had been used at the main access gate to the property, Ford said.
“He was coming in his personal vehicle, but it was always small amounts he was taking. There were probably times he was putting it in his car and times he brought a gas can,” Ford said. “Due to those thefts, he was immediately terminated and I directed (town police) to prosecute him.”
On Nov. 4, Norton was charged with one felony count of theft over $500.
Police are still investigating the saw thefts; however, Ford said Norton is not currently a suspect in that case.