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Town brings in Pinnacle Awards


Staff Writer

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The 22nd Annual Pinnacle Awards, held last Friday at the Bristol Train Station and organized by the Northeast Tennessee Tourism Association, became a showpiece for the Town of Jonesborough as eight Pinnacle Awards were awarded to Jonesborough area individuals, groups or their accomplishments.

In order to recognize the tourism industry’s top performers in Northeast Tennessee, and as part of National Travel & Tourism Week, a panel of judges from the tourism and advertising industry associated with the Southeast Tourism Society ranked the top entry in 25 categories.

Much of Jonesborough’s success stems from the town employees who make up the team that provides publicity, advertising and much more for Jonesborough and the events throughout Jonesborough, as Town Administrator Bob Browning can attest.

“Our guys meet very often and we have a really good group. We wouldn’t be doing the kinds of things we do to win eight Pinnacles without there being a really good comprehensive interaction.”

Local winners included:

Advertising and Promotions, Brochure or Guide:

Jonesborough Visitors Guide

Advertising and Promotions, Rack Card:

Jonesborough Yarn Exchange Season Rack Card

Advertising and Promotions, Long Video:

Jonesborough Yarn Ex