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Town ‘adopts’ New Halifax alleys

The Town of Jonesborough entered into a public, private agreement with New Halifax subdivision for routine maintenance on their gravel alleyways following a decision by the Board of Mayor and Aldermen’s approval on April 14.
“This is an agreement for us to do public improvements that involve private property in the alleyways,” Town Attorney Jim Wheeler said.
Although the agreement allows the town to provide assistance, limits on what assistance the town will provide are also established. The Town of Jonesborough has the discretion of determining what routine maintenance will be for the alleyways.
The requests for alleyway maintenance must come from the New Halifax Homeowners Association president. After the request is made, or the town determines routine maintenance is necessary, the director of streets will notify the association of the time frame for the work. The agreement also states that the association will have the necessary material on site for the requested work, or arrange with the town to have what is needed within the time frame.
The agreement further states that the Town of Jonesborough will be responsible for both the labor and equipment if the town is providing town labor and town equipment.
The association is responsible for the material, as well as contracted labor and contracted rental equipment.
The document also states, “The parties acknowledge that the Town of Jonesborough has not accepted the alleyways in question as public roads and that they are not up to the standard that would be required for acceptance.”
“It is our intention that you be happy with us,” Town Administrator Bob Browning said to members of the New Halifax community last Monday.
The gravel alleyways are used publicly by the Town of Jonesborough by garbage trucks, service vehicles, the Post Office and UPS.
With those services using the gravel alleyways, the life span of the paved streets is expected to last longer.