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Tourism experts rank town logo options

Jonesborough Logo Committee members Claudia Moody and Alicia Phelps traveled to two state tourism conferences, one in Nashville and the other in Murfreesboro, during the last week of January, taking with them four suggested tourism logo designs for Jonesborough.
The logos were reviewed by professionals from across the state as well as the southeastern part of the United States.
Moody and Phelps took notes, which Phelps compiled into a document she sent to the Herald & Tribune on Feb. 5
According to the report, the majority of those polled favored the historic script version with no icon, designed by Destination Development International and modified by Hillhouse Graphic Design. Several described the text as “eye-catching” and said they liked the “Storytelling Capital of the World” tagline.
Others felt the historic font was “too gothic” and “hard to see if it was sized down.” Some noted that the word “Jonesborough” is too wide and should be made into a vertical design.
The Jonesborough courthouse design, “Small Town, Big Story” submitted by Bill Bledsoe was the second favorite. Although many liked the drawing, she said, several noted it looked “too cutesy” and a bit like clip art. Some of those polled didn’t like the text portion of the design and suggested the courthouse drawing be combined with the text from the other logos.
Others commented that the drawing reminded them of a church and that it was similar to other logos featuring a courthouse. Fans of the design said it created warmth and captured Jonesborough’s feel.
The historic font with the flame icon was the third favorite of the group. Most people immediately recognized the Tennessee star symbols within the flame, Phelps said. However, while many liked the text style, they didn’t quite get the significance of the flame.
Once it was explained to them, some said they liked the idea, but noted a logo choice should need no explanation.
The Jonesborough historic text with the courthouse icon was the least favorite of the group, according to Phelps’ report.
Several said the icon looked like clip art and was very “harsh.” Others said it didn’t capture Jonesborough’s feel and was too generic. It was often overlooked, Phelps added, by those who were polled.
The Logo Committee originally planned to take a recommendation to the next Jonesborough Board of Mayor and Aldermen meeting, but based on the polling, Phelps said, the Logo Committee will meet again before bringing designs to the BMA.
“I want to make sure we are all comfortable with the logo and that it represents everything Jonesborough is known for,” Phelps said. That committee meeting is set for Wednesday, Feb. 13, at 10 a.m. at the Visitors Center.