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TOP STORIES OF 2015: Building the future and embracing change

In looking back at the Herald & Tribune issues of 2015, this past year has proven to be one of hard-fought triumphs, heartbreaking losses, joyful successes and tearful goodbyes.
During 2015, Jonesborough continued to march forward in its path to progress, as the longed-awaited new Senior Center finally became a reality, while a downtown market cemented itself into the local fabric of the town.
Washington County commissioners, newly elected at the end of 2014, stepped into 2015 eager to embrace change, though not always able to implement it.
At the beginning of 2015, a young local hero lost his battle against cancer, yet united a community and left a legacy that promises to impact the region for years to come.
And another hero of more than 80 years said goodbye to a town that was already filled with his stories.
New buildings went up; arguments were waged, then resolved; and holidays were celebrated.
Knitters knit, storytellers shared their tales and merchants dazzled with their wares.
To capture it all would take more than several weeks’ papers, so we here at the Herald & Tribune have chosen to publish instead a collection of our favorites – some in story form, others in photos – to close out the year. Please check out some of these in local news.