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TOP STORIES OF 2014: From familiar faces to new adventures: Looking back on the stories from 2014

If 2014 had to be characterized in one word, that word would be “election.” From state and federal congressional seats to local battles amid heated municipal and county runoffs, the Herald & Tribune was there to provide eyes and ears for its readers.
But while election news may have comprised some of the top stories of the year, they weren’t the only stories.
Jonesborough welcomed in a new era as town plans and improvements seemed to snowball, culminating in the opening of a new year-round market downtown and the first steps in reopening Jonesborough’s historic movie theater.
County EMS personnel witnessed a dramatic shift in death investigation responsibilities. And Washington County school bus driver Brenda Gray was able to finally close the chapter on her legal struggles since the 2012 wreck involving David Crockett High School students.
Local high school sports teams also had their trials, as this year’s Musket Bowl took an unexpected turn.
Yet for another high school student, 2014 marked a year of triumph, as she and her family saw a dream come true.
The year of 2014 was filled with many such stories, check out our Year in Review issue, currently at your favorite retailer.