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Tomita announces candidacy for seat in 4th District

David Tomita announced his candidacy for Washington County Commissioner serving the fourth district, which includes Southside, Northside and Millennium Centre.
The 49-year-old businessman and Johnson City native says his platform is threefold.
“We need fiscal responsibility, a reduction in the number of commissioners and greater transparency in county government,” he said. “My background in finance will be helpful as we look to manage within our means in Washington County during these challenging economic times. We need to control spending.”
Tomita said trimming fat, starting with the size of the commission itself, would be a good start. Tomita cited healthcare benefits currently provided to all commissioners as another example of waste in government. He said he will not accept benefits if elected.
Furthermore, Tomita says communications need to be transparent. “People need to know what their commissioners are doing,” he said. “We need to open up the process so that all of the citizens of Washington County can be better informed about their government.”
Tomita is the only Republican candidate in the fourth district commission race. He has been married for 19 years to Jenny Brading Tomita. They have three children, Anna, Erin, and Isabel.
Tomita is Vice Chairman of the Johnson City Development Authority, Chairman of the CC&O Railroad Station Acquisition Committee, Chairman of the CC&O Railroad Station Executive Committee and a member of the Board of Trustees of The Dawn of Hope Foundation.