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Thomason resigns as director of environmental services

The Town of Jonesborough accepted the resignation of Hugh Thomason, director of environmental services, during the Monday night Board of Mayor and Aldermen meeting.
“He will be missed,” Mayor Kelly Wolfe said.
Town Administrator Bob Browning said Thomason submitted his resignation due to personal reasons.
“I think it’s fair to say that we weren’t anticipating he was leaving the town,” he said.
Dwight Rasnick, plant manager, has been assigned Thomason’s duties on an interim basis until the position is filled.
“We are going to be interviewing soon trying to find a replacement,” Wolfe said.
He said he does not anticipate having any issues finding a replacement for Thomason, especially with the new water plant.
“I think it would be a good position for someone to advance to or move to from elsewhere,” Wolfe said.
Browning, on the other hand, said it’s hard to say how difficult it will be to find a replacement.
“I think we do have a concern there aren’t a lot of people out there,” he said. “You never know until you advertise.”
Browning said from the time Thomason was hired, the Town of Jonesborough and the Board of Mayor and Aldermen have supported an increase in the compensation of town employees, making wages a little more competitive. The competitive wages, he said, may help in filling the position.
There will not be any delays in the major improvement project of the plant during the process of hiring someone new for the position, Browning said. He said all phases of the project are essentially complete, with only a few punch list items left that should be closed out by the first of the year.
“The things that need to be fixed have all been communicated and (staff) are on board on what needs to be done,” he said. “We don’t anticipate there to be any issues with that.”
Wolfe said the great news is the department is in the best shape it has ever been.
“We certainly have addressed almost all of the outstanding issues the state was concerned about,” he said.
Wolfe said before Thomason took the position, the system was in constant violations resulting in problems too numerous to list.
He said Thomason was on the forefront of the design of the new water plant and very instrumental in going through and correcting a lot of the infiltration of the water getting into the lines.
Browning agreed that Thomason certainly had major input of the design of the new plant. He said it is always helpful to have someone who knows the operation and deals with the day to day activities to be a part of the design process.
“Based on what has happened and the way that we worked together with the engineers, we got a very good product out of that,” Browning said.