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Third District: Ted Ganger

Johnson City
Senior Vice President,
Andrew Johnson Bank
Seeking first term
“As a banker, you have to be a good listener and a problem solver,” said Ganger who has been in banking for 18 years and in lending for more than 20 years. “I think I could bring this to the commission.”
1. Which committees would you like to serve on and why?
“I think I’m best suited for the Budget Committee given my background, but I would be open to any others at that point.”
2. What factors should be considered in a decision on whether commissioners receive benefits?
“One thing is the cost. For the money that goes to provide benefits, what could be done for the community? Also, what is the motive of the commissioner? In my opinion, you should be doing this because you want to serve. I don’t have any problem with the compensation, but you shouldn’t be a commissioner because you want the benefits.”