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Third District: Mitch Meredith

Johnson City
CFO, Colonial Corp.
Seeking second term
“My business experience being a CPA and having served on numerous boards in a 30-year career, in addition to being elected to offices on numerous boards, have given me experience to look at issues fairly, consider the needs of the county and the taxpayer, and try to make a good judgment on how those taxpayer resources are used,” Meredith said. “My duty and responsibility are to make sure Washington County is serving its citizens as best as we can.”
1. Which committees would you like to serve on and why?
“The Budget Committee because I’ve served on it for four years, and I have the skills to help guide the county in financial operation. I also think serving on the CIA Committee would be important because one of the responsibilities is the development of a cost-effective health plan for the employees without overburdening the taxpayers.
“I have 30 years in the public accounting profession, and I’ve worked with clients and their benefits advisers. The same experience could be beneficial to the county.
“I would also like to serve on the Committee on Committees because I think that a fairer distribution of commissioners is important. We have committees now that are almost 100 percent aligned to one side of the commission, and I think they should be balanced out instead of stacking committees. A good cross section on all committees will be more conducive to solving issues.”
2. What factors should be considered in a decision on whether commissioners receive benefits?
“The issue is whether a commissioner is a full- or part-time employee. The county already has guidelines for employees, and those who are part-time do not receive benefits. A full-time commissioner, to me, is one who is serving on committees reviewing constituent needs. If it’s 35-40 hours a week, maybe yes. But if 20 hours are spent politicking, that’s not germane. My experience is that a commissioner is a part-time job.”