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Thieves posing as Power Board employees

Washington County authorities are investigating a burglary in which the thieves reportedly represented themselves as Johnson City Power Board employees to gain access to the victim’s home.
While inside the home, one offender distracted the residents with a ploy to show them where the “workers” were going to do tree trimming work, while the other stole more $6,000 in cash from inside the home.
Employees of the Power Board will always clearly display JCPB logos on their vehicles and carry an official photo identification, reminded Sheriff Ed Graybeal.
Any person contracted to complete work on behalf of the JCPB will show identification upon request and often use magnetic JCPB logo decals to mark their vehicles.
Citizens of Washington County who are suspicious of any individual claiming to represent the JCPB or any other organization are encouraged to contact the business directly to confirm the identities of the persons in question or contact your local law enforcement agency by calling 9-1-1.