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Telford couple charged with child abuse after 2-year-old found severely injured

Two Telford residents were charged last week with aggravated child abuse following an incident at their home that left a child severely injured.
Washington County Emergency Medical Services requested officers come to 533 Browning Road where they had found a 2-year-old child with severe injuries to the head and other parts of the body.
Authorities determined the child had multiple injuries in various stages of healing, indicating several different incidents where the child had suffered some kind of injury over a period of time.
Police charged the child’s mother, Amanda Gracie Percell, 22, and her live-in boyfriend, Andrew Lorenze Allen, 28, each with one count of aggravated child abuse.
According to reports, statements the adults made to officers about how the child was injured did not match up with the child’s condition.
Both were being held on $100,000 bond at the Washington County Detention Center.