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Teachers’ raises may be based on performance across state

Raises for Washington County School System personnel may be distributed in a different way this year.
“The state wants differentiating pay increases based on performance,” Director of Schools Ron Dykes told members of the Board of Education Finance Committee during their March 5 meeting.
Dykes said the State of Tennessee provides funds for a 1.5 percent annual increase, but wants to see a change in the blanket policy of awarding raises.
“The state has been pushing for them to be distributed differently,” he said. “You will need to decide if you will (include) professional staff, and if so, whether it will be at the (state funding) level.”
Dykes estimated the cost would be $300,000 per every percent if the raise is awarded to all school system staff.
“It’s very difficult to decide performance-based pay,” he said. “We’re going to have to determine exactly how you want to distribute it. The state is saying not to add it to the salary scale.”
According to Dykes, using value-added scores would not be a good means because the numbers are not comparable.
While some scores reflect differences in the individual teacher’s classrooms only, others are measured on a schoolwide basis.
Dykes will learn more about the governor’s expectations during two upcoming meetings.
The notification of a move to performance-based increases was not included in the minutes of the Finance Committee meeting or discussed during the March 7 Board of Education meeting.