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Tax relief program approved

In a unanimous decision, the Jonesborough Board of Mayor and Aldermen voted on Oct. 10 to establish a property tax relief program for residents.
The program, approved on a second and final reading, establishes a town ordinance that will create a matching funds program through the town that reduces taxes for an individual who is qualified for tax relief under the State Relief Program.
Jonesborough Town Recorder Abbey Miller is responsible for coordinating the new tax relief program in Jonesborough.
The current State of Tennessee tax relief program is available to people 65 years or older, those declared totally or permanently disabled, and who make less than $26,830 the maximum household income, Miller explained.
“Once the State of Tennessee determines that an individual qualifies,” she said, “the state sends us a voucher that allows us to subtract a certain amount from their property tax bill.”
The current amount is $82.40 for the city, based on a tax rate of $1.2810. This amount is reimbursed to the town by the state when Miller sends in the voucher.
“As long your house is worth $25,000 or more, that amount is $82.40 and we currently have no customers whose homes are worth less than that,” Miller said.
Residents can pick up a form to apply for the tax relief program at the town’s tax office or water department.
“If you aren’t already qualified and are making a first-time application, then we require you pay your entire tax bill. Then, if you qualify, the state will send you a refund and we will send you a check to match that,” Miller said. “Once you have qualified the first time and as long as you still qualify based on income, in subsequent years, we will deduct tax relief from your property tax bill and you will pay only the net amount.”
Additional tax relief is available for town residents who also qualify for Washington County tax relief, according to Miller.
“If you apply at the town, you will also apply at the county,” Miller said. “You would qualify for both city and county taxes.
The application process is the same, but residents would need to submit applications at both the Town of Jonesborough office and the Washington County Trustee’s office.
Those who qualify, would receive a tax relief of $164.80 from the combined tax relief funds.