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Students focus on environment

By Michael A. Baker, Staff Writer

Five students from David Crockett High School are proving they are passionate about the environment.
Bryce Bateman, Kareena Jones, Raini Rowenhorst, Sydney Sexton and Rebekah Wright make up the envirothon team at DCHS.
The envirothon team focus on five major parts: wildlife, forestry, soils, aquatics and current events. Each student, under the direction of Ryan Arnett, specializes on one topic — wildlife by Bateman, forestry by Jones, soils by Wright, aquatics by Rowenhorst, and current events was specialized by Sexton.
The students work as a team on each of the five issues, but they like to have one person specialize in a certain area which gives them an advantage over the other teams.
The group took first place in the regional tournament held in Johnson City at Winged Deer Park. With the first place regional title, members headed to the state competition where they ended up less 30 points from first place — the best performance in the history of the school’s envirothon team.
The students are all rising seniors and plan on being part of the envirothon team next year and want to go all the way to the national competition.