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Storytelling Festival 2015: Rain dampens but can’t defeat

A weekend of rain may have slowed ticket sales, but it didn’t appear to dampen the enthusiasm for the nearly 9,000 festival goers who braved the weather to hear dozens of performers at this year’s National Storytelling Festival.
“It’s been brilliant, absolutely brilliant,” said Cynthia Hartman who, with her husband, Steve, were first time festival attendees, visiting from their home in Sydney, Australia.
Held Oct. 2-4, this 43rd annual festival welcomed storytellers from all over the world as they shared their tales with visitors from South Carolina, Florida, Oklahoma, Mississippi, New Hampshire, even London, England, to name just a few.
“The laughter. The joy. The cries. The smiles. You cannot help but leave knowing you have enjoyed something special,” said Kiran Singh Sirah, president of the International Storytelling Center.
Though early numbers had the festival looking at a 5 percent ticket sale increase over 2014, Sirah said, the weather definitely had an impact, resulting in an estimated 5 percent decrease not only in attendance but also in merchandise sales.
“It’s less than we hoped for,” Sirah admitted. “A lot of the tents seemed packed out and we’re still calculating the numbers, but the weather definitely did affect our attendance.”
Still, he said, “people left happy and that’s the most important thing.”