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Speed tables to be installed on North Cherokee

As reported in the Sept. 14 Herald & Tribune, the Jonesborough Board of Mayor and Aldermen considered at its September meeting the need for traffic calming on North Cherokee Street next to the George P. Jaynes Justice Center.
Originally, aldermen were asked to approve a speed table at the bottom of the street, near the intersection with Highway 11E. But after hearing results of a recent traffic study on that road, BMA members went a step further, voting to install not one, but two speed tables on the street.
According to Mayor Kelly Wolfe, during a two-week period, more than 150 vehicles were recorded traveling somewhere between 68 to 75 mph on the street, which has a speed limit of 35 mph. Another 145 cars were said to be traveling between 43 and 50 mph during that time period.
“It’s a wonder somebody doesn’t get killed,” Wolfe said. “Going 68 to 75 miles per hour coming toward the BP gas station, that’s just crazy. It is unbelievable somebody could be going that fast there.”
Wolfe asked the aldermen to consider not only putting a speed table at the bottom of the street, near the gas station, but also at the top of the street, at the crest of the hill. Wolfe said he believed having just one speed table at the end of the road may be too little, too late, as far as keeping people safe.
Alderman Chuck Vest made a motion to approve the installation of both speed tables, which will also be used as pedestrian crosswalks to help with the increased foot traffic caused by the opening of the Justice Center. The motion was unanimously approved.
Wolfe discussed the possibility of adding a lane to North Cherokee Street where it comes out onto Highway 11E to help alleviate traffic issues as well.
Members of the BMA also unanimously voted to approve a change in traffic flow at the Post Office parking lot on Boone Street.
The town’s traffic advisory committee recommended a reversal of the traffic flow to the lot after Operations Manager Craig Ford said it would help prevent traffic from backing up on Boone Street due to congestion around the current lot entrance. Parking spaces will also be rearranged to offer a better flow of traffic, officials said.
The BMA approved reducing the speed limit on West Main Street between town limits and the Five Points intersection from 45 miles per hour to 30 miles per hour.
The speed limit change, which was originally approved last year, was put on hold while the Tennessee Department of Transportation performed a safety audit of the Five Points area.