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Speed tables, road closures return to Main Street this week

Speed tables are on their way back to Main Street.
Town crews began building the first of five speed tables at the start of the week. Each table is expected to take two days to complete and will require portions of downtown to be closed.
The speed tables previously on Main Street were torn out during the major renovation project that took place over the last year in downtown.
The first speed table to be reinstalled is being constructed in front of the Old Sweet Shop near the intersection of Fox and Main streets.
The second speed table to be installed will be located in front of the Team Bridal Wedding and Event Loft.
Work on the first two speed tables requires the closure of Main Street between Fox Street and the east side of Courthouse Square.
Moving west, the third speed table to be installed will run between Mauk’s store and the International Storytelling Center. The remaining two speed tables will be located between First and Second avenues.
“The plan is to do them one at a time,” said Town Administrator Bob Browning. “The intent is to get all five done in two weeks.”
The necessary road closures will remain in effect, even in the evening hours, according to Town Operations Manager Craig Ford.
“Once we get started on construction, when the road is closed, it is closed,” Ford said. “There’s no way to open it back up. That’s why we are closing it off in sections.”
Motorists will still be able to get around the downtown area through posted detours, he said.
“The hardest one, I think, is going to be the one between Mauk’s and the Storytelling Center,” Ford noted. “You’re going to have to divert traffic up First and Second (avenues) and around the courthouse. That poses the biggest problems.”
Ford said the crews have been waiting for a break in the weather to be able to do the installation project in the shortest possible amount of time.
“We’ve already received some criticism from business owners because we are doing this in the spring,” Ford said. “It’s not a project we can do in the winter. We have to have consecutive days of good weather so we can get it done quickly and be able to open the street back up.”
If the weather forecast indicates a “substantial rain” is headed this way, Ford said the project will be pushed back.