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Sparks seeks re-election as 6th district commissioner

Gerald Sparks recently announced his bid for reelection for a seat on the Washington County Commission in the August 5 general election.
Sparks is running in the 6th District.
Sparks has lived in Washington County for over 50 years and has a long record of service to the community, both as a public official and through his personal business career.
“It has been particularly gratifying to serve the people of Washington County as a commissioner for the past two terms,” Sparks said. “We have accomplished a great deal.”
As a former alderman and mayor of Jonesborough, and as a current county commissioner, Sparks said his focus has been to prioritize the upgrading of basic services while managing taxpayers’ money.
Sparks has served as chairman of the Johnson City Power Board, and as a county commissioner, has served on many committees.
Sparks believes his experience of cooperation among local, county and state agencies “is what is needed for effective and efficient government as our communities expand and the lines between boundaries become blurred.”
Sparks believes the commission must remain committed to maintaining high-quality education for children. He also would like to help make available clean water for all, and to help increase the capacity of sewer availability.
Sparks and his wife, Gail, live at 824 Shell Road, Jonesborough. They have three children and three grandchildren.