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Retired president, Fleming Foods
Seeking first term
Since retiring 17 years ago, Krieger says he has been involved almost full-time in the community with nonprofit organizations. “I would bring management experience, financial experience and a track record of being able to motivate people,” he said. “I’m willing to have a little give and take in order to come to the right verdict.”
1. What are two specific goals you will work toward?
“Reducing the size of the commission and eliminating the health insurance. I think we should serve our fellow man and not be overly compensated. There are 95 counties in the state, and Washington County is one of only four that have 25 commissioners. Forty counties have 15 or fewer commissioners, and 22 counties have 12 or fewer commissioners. And these include bigger counties like Knox, Shelby, Hamilton and Bradley. Just doing the math says we can operate efficiently with fewer. It’s also tougher to communicate with 25 commissioners than it would be with 11 to 13 commissioners. Some get involved in the minimal details and micromanage rather than letting the people who are responsible do their jobs. In regard to health insurance, other part-time employees are not eligible, and it’s not fair. It’s also very expensive. Only 32 counties in the state offer health insurance to commissioners, and if offered, some require commissioners to pay the full cost.”
2. What will you do to help unite commissioners?
“In order for the commission to be united, there has to be respect and civility. Disagreements can be worked out without yelling. I also think communication is so important. Commissioners can’t just sit in a two-hour meeting and not even open their agenda until they get there. They need to be prepared in advance for the meeting and to act in the best interest of the citizens.”