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general manager
Ferguson Enterprises
Seeking second term
“I think my 38 years of business experience, both on the financial side and in management, have given me the background and experience to provide leadership to the county and the commission,” Grandy said of the strengths he would bring to the role.
1. What are two specific goals you will work toward?
“The first one would be to reduce the cost and increase the efficiency by eliminating county-paid benefits and reducing the number of commissioners. I think 11 to 15 would be the number to shoot for. I also would be enthusiastic to continue providing a water distribution system that would deliver clean drinking water to unserved areas of Washington County.”
2. What will you do to help unite commissioners?
“I would work with the new commission to develop an air of cooperation. I would promote an open and transparent discussion of the issues. I also would insist on a fair distribution of commissioners on committees, with defined roles and responsibilities for each committee. I feel like my business experience leading 50 employees has given me the skill set to unify people from different factions toward a common goal.”