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SEVENTH DISTRICT: Patrick Littleton

Chief deputy, Washington County Sheriff’s Office
Seeking first term
“I have a common-sense attitude, I’m very approachable and I will listen to the voters,” Littleton said of the attributes he would offer as a commissioner. “I fully support residents’ having a vote in annexation, and I’m also interested in public safety and education. I have been across the state and seen other agencies, and Washington County has the best EMS and fire departments as far as I’m concerned. I also think the commission needs someone with common sense to work with the school board members.”
1. What are the priorities of a county commissioner?
“To be good stewards for the county and the constituents; to cut costs in any way; and to maintain good relationships with other commissioners and constituents in order to accomplish goals.”
2. How will you prepare for committee meetings and meetings of the full commission?
“The first thing I would do is look at the agenda. If I had any questions, I would make a list to ask at the meeting. I also would listen to my constituents beforehand and find out the pros and cons they have with issues.”