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Operations manager, Eastman Chemical Co.
Seeking first term
“The commission needs to work really hard to build consensus, with honesty and integrity, to represent the people who put us in office,” Davenport said. “We also need to make a careful review of all county expenditures. We are there to work for our community, not for benefits.”
1. What are the priorities of a county commissioner?
“The number one priority is to listen to the people you represent and understand their priorities, how they want to live their lives, and what is important to them.”
2. How will you prepare for committee meetings and meetings of the full commission?
“You need to have an agenda to see what topics are coming up. You also need to listen to the people who put you in office. If the meeting is one hour, you need to put two hours, maybe more, into preparing. At all costs, you need to do your homework and research. It is completely unacceptable to our community to go in cold and not be able to speak and represent your district on topics.”