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SECOND district: Sam Humphreys

Johnson City
Retired educator, owner of The Range
Seeking fourth
consecutive term, with two earlier terms served in the 1960s
“I have had several jobs working with people,” Humphreys said. “I see their needs and concerns, and I want to be able to offer assistance.”
1. What are the challenges in your district?
“Half of the district is in the city and half in the county, so they have different needs. Most of the challenges deal with the roads and the rights-of-way, and keeping it clean. I pick up a section a week myself and try to lead by example. Others are concerned about their property taxes because they have less to spend overall. I’m proud of the people in my district.”
2. What does the relationship between the commission and the county officials need to be?
“Obviously as a legislative type group, we try not to meddle in their business. That’s what they were elected to do. Some officials we work more closely with such as the trustee because we want a good return on the county’s investment, and the property assessor to try and keep taxes as low as possible. We want to try to offer assistance to make their offices run as efficiently as possible. If their offices are running smoothly, the county will run smoothly.”