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School board candidates address county’s top issues


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In the July 18 edition of the Herald & Tribune, a response from six of the nine candidates running in the Washington County Board of Education was printed to better inform readers before heading to the polls for early voting. Below are the remaining candidates who answered the following question: “In your opinion, what is the most important issue related to the Washington County School System and how do you plan on addressing it?”

Each candidate was asked to respond to the question using 250 words or less. Any remaining candidates who respond to the Herald & Tribune will be published in next week’s edition. To see how the first set of school board candidates responded, pick up a copy of the July 18 edition of the Herald & Tribune or go to

Donald Feathers, District 3

I feel that the most important issue facing Washington County at this time is funding. I feel that in order for our teachers to do the best job they can we need to make sure that there is enough money per student for them to accomplish this. I would encourage our board to constantly be looking at every opportunity to seek out any and all funding upgrades that may come available. I would also encourage our faculty to go after and apply for any and all grants that they may come upon to also increase their individual classroom resources. Our students and their education is the most important priority of our county, and thus our teachers deserve every opportunity and every right to be properly funded to ensure that our students receive this education.

Trevor Knight, District 3

When asked what’s the MOST important issue, I think it’s important to step back and see the big picture, the whole picture. With the nightmares in the news, our main concern should be every school system’s main concern — SAFETY. To prevent violent or active shooter situations, I attend to ensure every school has an active SRO with no sharing between two or more schools. More intensive measures will be considered. In addition, common sense says and parents talking to me show there’s a problem with bullying. I want to determine what we are doing to manage bullying and may install some anti-bullying training for students and staff. Keeping kids safe on the way to school is just as important, measures will be seriously investigated including drug testing and vetting bus drivers, the need for seatbelts, etc. Overall Safety may not be the most popular topic for our county right now, but it should be the highest priority. Having an open mind and being willing to work together is essential for school board members; certainly we can all agree on keeping our kids safe!