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School board approves Crockett HVAC repair

Washington County Board of Education members last week approved around $24,000 in emergency funding to replace pipes and heating and air conditioning controls in David Crockett’s gym, calling the project an “inevitable issue.”
The 15-year-old piping has been leaking onto the gym floor beneath and is beyond a state of repair, and in fact, has been patched “year in and year out” just to keep it running, school officials said.
School officials have known about the HVAC problems, but when Crockett underwent a large renovation project, HVAC repairs were cut out.
“There was only so much money to go around. It was not in the original scope of work and it has now come to a head,” said Director of Schools Ron Dykes.
Work will most likely be completed by August 1.
Dykes also said there would be an “anticipated delay” in receiving the system’s TCAP scores for grades 3 through eight because of scoring adjustments, and when scores did come in, he expected them to be lower than usual.
Students must score as proficient or advanced to make AYP.
“We can anticipate a decline in students’ test scored, all across the state, even in Washington County,” Dykes said. “We are expecting a decline the following year, too, before we see the turn because of the rigor of the new curriculum and our less than average per-pupil expenditure.”
He emphasized it was not the fault of faculty and staff, but simply a “tremendous hurdle,” and that the goals set forth would be reached eventually but not overnight.
In good news, Dykes said the system’s application to have its pre-kindergarten program funded by the state is “looking good.” Washington County is one of two Tennessee systems whose pre-K programs are not funded by the state.