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Reaching a landmark: Boone Street store celebrates its first year

Skies may have been dark outside, but inside Jonesborough’s Boone Street Market on Monday everything was bright and shining as supporters gathered to celebrate the market’s one year anniversary.
“It’s just another example of things that happen in Jonesborough because people care,” said Town Vice Mayor Terry Countermine of the non-profit enterprise.
The Nov. 2 celebration featured numerous town officials, staff and residents who have already become frequent shoppers of this locally-grown food store dedicated to securing its products from within a 100-mile radius.
Opening last fall in the town’s old Exxon Station — which had been totally remodeled — the market sought to provide support for local farmers and fresh produce for area residents.
It was an innovative idea for a town the size of Jonesborough and not without some risks, supporters say. But now, after one year, they are excited about the results.
“I think we’ve definitely been successful,” said Karen Childress, executive director for Jonesborough Locally Grown, the umbrella non-profit under which Boone Street Market, as well as the Saturday Farmers Market, operate. “In our first year, we have done a quarter of a million dollars in sales.”
According to Childress, in the past year the market has featured 100 different vendors, logged more than 15,000 sales and was the recipient of 1,800 volunteer hours logged.
These numbers show an impressive start, Childress believes, but she is also determined that the market continues in its growth.
“I couldn’t be happier, but my dream is that it be a totally self-sufficient organization,” she said, citing the past year’s reliance on fundraisers and donations, in addition to sales, to