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Rambo issues challenge

Chancellor John Rambo offered a reminder to the crowd in attendance at the George P. Jaynes Justice Center for the Aug. 28 swearing-in ceremony of officials, county commissioners and school board members.
“The voters have spoken and made their choice,” he said. “They have told us who will conduct the business of Washington County.”
Rambo outlined several theories of representation. The first is a decision-making process based strictly on what the people want. In the second theory, the officeholder uses his or her best judgment to make decisions for the people.
“Those are the two extremes, but I suggest there is a third theory,” he said. “One that takes the time to study, learn and take into account information (the people) don’t have, and after listening to the voters, making the judgement your constituents would make.”
Service is not about the individual, Rambo said, and challenged newly elected leaders to perform their duties with the history of the state’s oldest county in mind.
Taking the oath of office last week were: District Attorney General Tony Clark; Sessions Court Judges Robert Lincoln, James Nidiffer and Robert D. Arnold; Mayor Dan Eldridge; Sheriff Ed Graybeal; Trustee Monty Treadway; Register of Deeds Ginger Jilton; County Clerk Kathy Storey; Circuit Court Clerk Karen Guinn; and Constable John Phillips.
Washington County Commissioners sworn in during the ceremony by district were: 1st District — Greg Matherly and Rick Storey; 2nd District — Sam Humphreys, Robbie McGuire and George E. “Skip” Oldham; 3rd District — Larry England, Mitch Meredith and Joe Wise; 4th District — Katie Baker, Lee Chase and David Tomita; 5th District — Gary McAllister and Robbie Tester; 6th District — Tom Foster, Joe Grandy and Tom Krieger; 7th District — Bryan Davenport, Mike Ford and Mark Larkey; 8th District — Steve Light and Matthew Morris; 9th District — Danny Edens and Todd Hensley; and 10th District — Forrest Boreing.
Taking the oath of office for the Board of Education by district were: 1st District — Annette Buchanan, Keith Ervin and Jack Leonard; and 3rd District — David Hammond, Clarence Mabe and Mike Masters.